Law Enforcement & Security Private Training Academy

Law Enforcement & Security Private Training Academy

A Non Public Post Secondary Private Training Academy

Many people have purchased handguns for personal protection in the past few years. While a handgun can be a lifesaver, it also has the potential for negative outcomes, if used incorrectly.

Defensive Firearms Training is designed to give participants the mental tools, physical skills, and self-confidence necessary to safely keep firearms and control confrontations with criminals.

Following completion of these training classes, handgun owners who previously had limited knowledge of the potential for both positive and negative outcomes of handgun use will now feel safer and more confident. Gun owners naturally want to avoid negative outcomes such as self-inflicted gunshot wounds, mistaken identity shooting, and legally unjustified shootings.
Defensive Firearms Training
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This course is designed to give the average shooter a solid understanding of proper defensive shooting and safe gun-handling techniques. It is focused on home defense practices and/or concealed carry skills.

For those wishing to practice home defense skills, the techniques of safely getting a pistol out of a secured location (safe, drawer, side table, etc.) are simulated and rehearsed. Skills to be taught include:
Defensive Pistol Techniques

Engage targets quickly and accurately
Reload using an ammunition pouch or from storage
Concealment garment techniques
Effective practice procedures

Equipment Requirements (Rentals available):

Service pistol of any caliber with 1 spare magazine,
revolvers require 1 speed loader

Holster that covers the trigger guard or a pistol case (gun rug or plastic case)
Magazine pouch or other ammunition carrier (for concealed carriers only)
Eye and ear protection

Ammunition Requirement: 100 rounds (available for purchase)

16 Hour Training Program: $199.99

8 Hours Classroom Training
8 Hours Range Qualification
Free annual Marksman to Expert Class for all registered students
Draw from holster or access a stored gun safely and effectively
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Basic Threat Management Skills

Basic Threat Management Skills is a hands-on live-fire class. It will give the student an understanding of how to use a handgun to control a confrontation with a criminal. Students will learn appropriate tactics and decision-making skills to use while armed, under stress, and in the midst of a confrontation.

This class is based on an analysis of what went right and wrong in over four thus and armed citizen confrontations. Many criminal incidents can be diffused without gunfire by using appropriate tactics.

Tactics taught include:
Verbal interaction with perceived threats
Decision-making when armed
Avoiding mistaken identity shootings
Proper gun-handling in confrontations
Shooting when others are present.

Students must be able to handle a pistol safely and hit a silhouette target at 7 yards.

This class satisfies the training requirement for obtaining a Florida or Arizona Non-Resident Concealed Weapon License.

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